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Oh, the grand life of being a part time writer on baby leave

After driving the big kid off to school, doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen I get an hour or two to write while my girlfriend and the baby sleeps. Perfect!
I got 2K words down yesterday. Progress on the sequel to Under a Dark Sky is slow but steady.
Keep your fingers crossed the baby continues to sleep.

A slight delay...

Work on Under a Winter Sun has been delayed because I just had a baby. Hopefully he will be a sleepy little kid.
If not, I will channel all the sleepless nights into even more hard boiled adventures.

Status update

Despite the despicable kittens, this season's Authors' Retreat was once again a success. I managed to edit parts of the sequel manuscript and even got 2000 new words written. The story is shaping up pretty well, I think.

Mission status update

This writer's retreat is a total failure.
It's impossible to pen hard boiled action with a purring kitten on your lap.
Damn those kittens.
Damn them all to hell.

Autumn Author's Retreat

Tomorrow I'll be going away for the annual Autumn Author Retreat (try saying that three times fast after a couple of beers).
Hopefully I will get a lot of writing done.

Wish me luck.
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