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"Not my usual genre of fiction but I got to say I'm extremely impressed with Dahlgren's writing and looking forward for a sequel." Random Guy on The Internet
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Wherever did he come from?

A new character just turned up out of the blue, ready to rock 'n roll, and demanded to be in the sequel to Under a Dark Sky. He's a bit of a tough guy and he's bringing an interesting back story to the table, so I couldn't say no.
It will be very interesting to see how the novel develops now that he's on board. This should shake things up a bit.
I hope everyone will be alright.

Great review of Under a Dark Sky on Amazon!

It's incredibly macho and hyper-violent still, which is fun. It's well-written, has some neat ideas - the especially odious fundie churches are a good twist ... Well worth a read. It also wraps up into a self-contained story with the promise of a sequel, rather than a cliffhanger. Like I said, a cut above. It reminds me a lot of Richard K Morgan's stuff ... Plz write more of them Mr Dahlgren. [5/5 stars] — Read the review in full on Amazon

Thank you so much, anonymous Amazon Customer!

Back from another writers' retreat

I just got back from another very good writers' retreat in Smögen.
We got a lot of writing done, had some great food and wine and really enjoyed the saunas and the pools.
I got 2400 words written, another chapter added to the novel and the story advanced to another important stage on Under a Winter Sun.
Good stuff!

I got my first 1 star review on Amazon!

Yay, I finally got my first 1 star review on Amazon!

If I can't get into a story by the first 10% it's over. In this books case there simply isn't any story to get into,,, or it's so poorly told the reader has to guess what it might be.

At least the reader managed to get 11% through the book before he gave up. Kudos!
Most of his 342 Amazon reviews are either 1 or 2 stars, so he's a hard man to please.
It's either that or he's very bad at picking out stuff to read.
Full points for never giving up hope on finding a book he'll like, though.

Read the review on my Amazon page
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