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I just can't wait for the sequel!
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Another preview of the trailer

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Here's another still from the book trailer.
At the moment I'm working on getting the timing right with the amazing soundtrack from James A Semple.

The first part of the soundtrack is complete

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Composer James A Semple (official website) has completed the first of two(!) brand new themes for my book trailer, and I have to say it blows me away! I love the track, and I just hope I can live up to that high standard with my visuals.

Check out James's other amazing tracks on his SoundCloud page!

I've found a composer for the trailer!

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I have found the amazing composer James A Semple who will write some original music for the animated trailer of Under a Dark Sky.
Check out his great compositions on the link above!

The edit is done!

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My editor just sent me an email to tell me the edit is done! Now all that remains is to fix all the errors, spelling mistakes, bad language, bad storytelling and bad continuity in the text. And then the small matter of getting it published.
Please tell all your friends and relatives in the sci-fi publishing world to give me a call :-)

My official Facebook page is now live

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I just launched my official Facebook page! Please like the page to stay up to date on news about my work.

British vs American spelling

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My editor just sent me an email wondering if I wanted to use British or English spelling in my manuscript. Out of old habit, I wrote it in British English, since that's what we learn in school in Sweden, and I replied I wanted to keep the British spelling, but I realise it's not a given.
Does it matter, as long as it's consistent throughout the manuscript? Does the spelling influence the experience of the story? Does a suit of armour look more posh than a suit of armor?
Please share your thoughts with me!

More news on the edit

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I just heard from my editor and hopefully I will get the manuscript in return next week. Then I will begin editing based on his feedback and suggestions.
Things are moving along!

The trailer is coming along nicely

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While waiting for the manuscript for Under a Dark Sky to come back from my editor, I'm working on a video trailer for the book.
Right now, it looks like a cheap out-take from a Transformers movie. But that's a good thing, because it's exactly the style I'm aiming for.
I'm now looking for some nice music to add to the trailer, so if you have any epic Hans Zimmer-ish or Steve Jablonsky-esque tracks lying about that you'd let me use, drop me a line!
If not, I might have to compose something myself, and you don't want that.

I just got some feedback from my editor

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My editor has finished his first reading of my manuscript, and he liked it!
Now he's doing another read through, and then I will be in for a long haul of editing, but the novel is moving along.
Just thought I'd let you know.
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