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The cover of Under a Winter Sun

The first round with my editor is done

Posted on
Most edit suggestions were commas and a few strange wordings. I need to learn how to use the Oxford Comma properly.
The manuscript has now been returned to my publisher with most of the suggested edits, so things are moving along.
Check back soon for more news on Under a Winter Sun!
The cover of Under a Dark Sky

UADS on BookGoodies

Posted on
Some time ago I did an interview for BookGoodies. You can read it here!
A wise and famous quote

A Wise and Famous Quote

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How this little gem ended up on, I have no idea, but there it is :-)

I've submitted Under a Winter Sun to my publisher!

Posted on
Finally, after nearly five years (no time at all compared to George RR Martin, but still), I've submitted the manuscript for Under a Winter Sun, the sequel to Under a Dark Sky.
Hopefully, that means the novel will be available to purchase sometime in the spring. Perfect reading for those warm spring evenings, with a cup of coffee and a cheese sandwich.

UADS is on a list of the best Cyberpunk books of all time!

Posted on
Under a Dark Sky unexpectedly popped up on this list of the best cyberpunk books of all time.
It even beat Burning Chrome by William Gibson.
How about that?

UADS has made the "best cyberpunk novel" list

Posted on
My novel Under a Dark Sky has made the "Best Cyberpunk Novels"-list of my publisher!

Free e-book download!

Posted on
It is once again that time of the year when my publisher in their infinite generosity gives away my e-book Under a Dark Sky for FREE on Amazon! Download it for FREE here: Download it for free here. Did I mention it's FREE?

Detailed edit on Under a Winter Sun is now done

Posted on
I just finshed the third - and hopefully final - edit of Under a Winter Sun. Now it's time for an uniterrupted read-through, and if I find it decent enough I will send it off to my publisher.
Wish me luck!

By the way: Under a Dark Sky will be available to download for free on Amazon between the 30th of December and the 3rd of January. Go get it so you can read it before the next exciting instalment drops!

The hardcover edition of Under a Dark Sky is now available!

Posted on
The hardcover edition of Under a Dark Sky is now available to buy from Amazon! Look no further if you are looking for a Christmas present for that special somone who enjoys hard edged neo-noir sci-fi.
Buy it now!
The Dutch cover of Under a Dark Sky

The Dutch translation of Under a Dark Sky is now live!

Posted on
Thanks to my amazing publisher Next Chapter, the Dutch translation of my neo noir sci-fi action thriller Under a Dark Sky is now available from Amazon and other well stocked online retailers! View it here
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