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Asher Perez The Worldburner

The main protagonist of the Worldburner Suite.

Perez is a man who wants to be left alone, but doesn't enjoy being lonely. Which is probably the reason he drinks too much, fights too much and doesn't really have any friends. Except for Thorfinn Wagner, that is.

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Thorfinn Wagner The Skullfucker

Thorfinn Wagner, oldest son to Jarl Ragnwald Wagner of Nifelheim, heir to the Throne of Shields and the greatest warrior in the Hope system. At least according to the latest Corporate War rankings.

At the start of Under a Winter Sun, Finn has gone home to Nifelheim to work as a Breeder, to secure the future of his people.

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Suki is the mysterious hacker that shows up a little too well timed during the events of Under a Dark Sky. It turns out that she has an agenda of her own, and that her interest in Perez is far from casual. It's not what you might think, either.

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Nero Praetorius Gray

Nero Gray is the chairman and owner of Gray Industries, the largest corporation in the Hope system. Gray Inudstries has their tentacles deep in most pockets of the ruling elite, and have been so from the colonisation's early days. He is also the employer of Asher Perez, and the man who sends Perez off on the errand that turns into the clusterfuck that is the Worldburner Suite.

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Misha Jagr Leader of The Shard

Misha Jagr is the tough, yet elegant leader of the special operations team that shows up at the beginning of Under a Winter Sun to request the assistance of Asher Perez in exchange for a truce.

She has been around the block longer than most, and knows a thing or two about what goes on in the world.

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Jocasta Braden The Pilot

Braden is the fun-loving pilot of the Sundowner, the ship used by the special operations team sent to pick up Perez at the start of Under a Winter Sun.

She is a really friendly sort of woman, and the best pilot this side of the populated universe.

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Pippa Soledad The Mechanic

The angry mechanic of the Sundowner, and also a really proficient assault trooper. At the beginning of Under a Winter Sun she seems very friendly with Perez, but that soon changes into freezing scorn.

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Brandon Tyrus

The poster boy for Terran special operations, and a total asshole. At least if you ask Perez. Their antagonism might be due to the fact that Tyrus is the only one who can beat Perez at his own game.

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Aeryn Winger

An arms dealer in Masada on Elysium, and one of few people Perez calls friend. If you need gear of the topmost quality and no questions asked, you go to Winger. She is not cheap, but she is the best.

She has a Siamese twin called Christine growing from her abdomen.

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Eirik Wagner The Fair

Eirik Wagner is the little brother of Finn. Little in this case only means younger. He is almost as big as Finn, but in contrast with his brother, he has the brains to match his brawn. A dangerous and ambitious man with an agenda of his own.

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Hildr The Red

The young-ish wife of Jarl Ragnwald Wagner and step mother to Thorfinn and Eirik.

Hildr is a capable woman, and she has never needed a man to fight her battles. Her marriage to the jarl was not one of love but rather one of convenience. She has never been on good terms with Ragnwald's sons, Thorfinn and Eirik.

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