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Under a Dark Sky by Johan M. Dahlgren

"Given the proper marketing, I think your book has bestseller potential." Random Guy on The Internet
On the rebel colony planet Elysium, a man claiming to be the next Messiah is brutally executed in a live video streamed by religious extremists. Nothing terribly original so far for Elysium.
Only this time, the man doesn't die.

It's incredibly macho and hyper-violent still, which is fun. It's well-written, has some neat ideas - the especially odious fundie churches are a good twist ... Well worth a read. It also wraps up into a self-contained story with the promise of a sequel, rather than a cliffhanger. Like I said, a cut above. It reminds me a lot of Richard K Morgan's stuff ...Amazon customer

When cynical chief of security Asher Perez is sent to find the man, it soon becomes apparent that no-one is who they seem and that something dark is stirring in the shadows.
Something that has been watching humanity since the dawn of history.

I very much enjoyed your characters, your story, and your writing… I enjoyed the humour in the story… You have a strong and unique story with unique themes. Ray Rhamey, editor
I think your book has bestseller potential.
Creativia Publishing

I am Alpha and Omega

Chapter one of Under a Dark Sky

All around me the angels are falling.
One by one they burst silently into flame as we fall to Earth.
Blinding pain, searing heat and I'm burning too.
I scream myself awake.

The wall of light is cold and wet against my cheek as I lean against it.

I blink and the world tilts, the wall becomes an ocean, and with the return of smell the ocean becomes a glittering pool of vomit reflecting the flickering streetlights overhead.

Nice work, Perez. Real classy.

An early morning rainstorm batters the city, black clouds under a dark sky. Badly animated holo-signs cast dancing shadows over the alley where I'm lying. Fuck. Someone should tell me I have a drinking problem.

But this time I have a good reason to get drunk. A damn good reason.

Most of us would drink to forget seeing a helpless man murdered in cold blood. The rest would reach screaming for the bottle when they saw what the victim did to his captors afterwards.

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