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Under a Dark Sky by Johan M. Dahlgren

"The dialogue between the characters is absolutely brilliant and really funny." Random Guy on The Internet
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On the rebel colony planet Elysium, a man claiming to be the next Messiah is brutally executed in a live video streamed by religious extremists. Nothing terribly original so far for Elysium.
Only this time, the man doesn't die.

When cynical chief of security Asher Perez is sent to find the man, it soon becomes apparent that no-one is who they seem and that something dark is stirring in the shadows.
Something that has been watching humanity since the dawn of history.

What the readers say:

Fast-paced, exciting and full of twists!
Hard boiled and action packed
Dahlgren draws a dark rare gem out of the over abundant sci-fi chest and adds a new interesting flavour to the genre
The dialogue between the characters is absolutely brilliant!
With it's gritty tone, dark sense of humor and colorful gallery of characters, it's really got it all
An environment and backdrop you almost can touch and feel

Chapter one - Excerpt

All around me the angels are falling.
One by one they burst silently into flame as we fall to Earth.
Blinding pain, searing heat and I'm burning too.
I scream myself awake.

The wall of light is cold and wet against my cheek as I lean against it.

I blink and the world tilts, the wall becomes an ocean, and with the return of smell the ocean becomes a glittering pool of vomit reflecting the flickering streetlights overhead.

Nice work, Perez. Real classy.

An early morning rainstorm batters the city, black clouds under a dark sky. Badly animated holo-signs cast dancing shadows over the alley where I'm lying. Fuck. Someone should tell me I have a drinking problem.

But this time I have a good reason to get drunk. A damn good reason.

Most of us would drink to forget seeing a helpless man murdered in cold blood. The rest would reach screaming for the bottle when they saw what the victim did to his captors afterwards.

What the pros say

I very much enjoyed your characters, your story, and your writing… I enjoyed the humour in the story… You have a strong and unique story with unique themes. Ray Rhamey, editor
Going to be watching [Johan M. Dahlgren] and his book Under a Dark Sky with keen interest. Farsight Blogger
...I enjoyed what I read and thought it had some obvious strengths. Zeno Agency
Given the proper marketing, I think your book has bestseller potential.
Creativia Publishing

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