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It's incredibly macho and hyper-violent still, which is fun.
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Under a Dark Sky is $0.99 in the US and UK

For a limited time, Under a Dark Sky is available for $0.99 on the US and UK Amazon sites. This is a golden opportunity to get the first novel at a discount before picking up the sequel!

The cover of Under a Dark Sky

The reviews for Under a Winter Sun are starting to trickle in

The first review of Under a Winter Sun has been published.
This avid reader seems to have enjoyed the novel. I'm sure you will too.
I loved part one of this series and was not dissapointed by this latest entry. Funny, fastpaced and exciting.
The reader is catapulted into action from page one and there are not many chances to put the book down after that. With a new setting and some unforgettable new characters this is a must-read for every Dahlgren and sci-fi-fan.

Read the review in full on GoodReads. Then go buy the novel!

Under a Dark Sky is free to download on Amazon!

From March 30 to April 4, my debut novel Under a Dark Sky is available to download for free on Amazon!
Go check it out, read it, love it and review it. Don't review it if you don't like it.
Please download it even if you've read it. That boosts the novel in Amazon's algorithms, and that is always a good thing.
The cover of Under a Dark Sky

UAWS hardcover is now available

Now the hardcover edition of Under a WInter Sun is available to purchase on Amazon. I think it would make a great gift for someone you rellaly love.
Buy it here!
The cover of Under a Winter Sun

Under a Winter Sun has been released!

Finally, after five long years of toiling, Under a Winter Sun, the sequel to Under a Dark Sky, and the second of a planned trilogy, is available on the Amazon store!
So far, the audio book and the paperback are available for purchase, with more formats coming in the next few weeks.
Please buy it, read it, and leave a review if you like it!
The cover of Under a Winter Sun

The cover revealed for Under a Winter Sun!

I'm incredibly pleased to reveal the brilliant cover for my upcoming novel Under a Winter Sun, part two in the Worldburner Suite.
I love the retro feel of the image, and they have managed to capture the events of the novel very nicely.
The release of the novel is not far off now. Please stay tuned for more news soon!
The cover of Under a Winter Sun

The first round with my editor is done

Most edit suggestions were commas and a few strange wordings. I need to learn how to use the Oxford Comma properly.
The manuscript has now been returned to my publisher with most of the suggested edits, so things are moving along.
Check back soon for more news on Under a Winter Sun!

UADS on BookGoodies

Some time ago I did an interview for BookGoodies. You can read it here!

A Wise and Famous Quote

How this little gem ended up on wiseandfamousquotes.com, I have no idea, but there it is :-)
A wise and famous quote