The dialogue between the characters is absolutely brilliant and really funny.
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Deleted scenes

Check out this collection of stuff that was left on the cutting room floor, that I still think is worth a read.

More stuff to follow.

Book Trailer 1

Watch the book trailer for Under a Dark Sky, featuring a brilliant soundtrack by James A. Semple. You can hear more of James' music on his Soundcloud page.

Book Trailer 2

Watch the new book trailer for Under a Dark Sky. Once again, it features the music of the very talented James Semple.

Stephen Hawking reads Under a Dark Sky!

Stephen Hawking reads Under a Dark Sky Listen to world famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking reading the first chapter of Under a Dark Sky.
Marvel, as his smooth, rich voice brings the story to life in ways you could never have imagined.

Book trailer soundtrack

This is the brilliant soundtrack, composed and orchestrated by James A. Semple for the Under a Dark Sky book trailer.

Part one:

Part two: