Johan M. Dahlgren
Science fiction author

The dialogue between the characters is absolutely brilliant and really funny.
Random Guy on The Internet

Johan M. Dahlgren is a Swedish writer of science fiction thriller novels. Over the years he has been an elite soldier, windsurfer, film maker, downhill skier, musician, artist and office slave.

His work has been compared to that of Richard K. Morgan's best selling Altered Carbon, Gavin G. Smith's Veteran novels and Neal Asher's Polity novels.

Dahlgren's current project is the Worldburner Suite, a cyberpunk tech noir series of sci-fi thrillers. The first book is called Under a Dark Sky and is available to buy from Amazon and other well stocked retailers. The second novel in the planned trilogy - Under a Winter Sun - has just been released. It has a heavier focus on military sci-fi and moves into more of an Alastair Reynolds Revelation Space scope.


Perez is Humphrey Bogart and Connor MacLeod all wrapped up in a sarcastic wrapping.
Random Guy on The Internet
I just can't wait for the sequel!
Random Guy on The Internet
Totally digging this Van Helsing meets James Bond intro for book 2. I think it sets the stage perfectly for what's coming.
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