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Science fiction

Fast-paced, exciting and full of twists!
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Under a Winter Sun
Worldburner Book 2

A Terran secret agent goes missing on the Goliath homeworld Nifelheim. Before he disappears, he manages to send out a message.

It simply reads "Project Jotun".

Nobody knows what it means, but all signs indicate the Goliaths are planning something. Something big. And they have help.

This scares the secretive immortal Terran overlords enough to request the aid of their old nemesis, Asher Perez, and propose a truce until the matter has been resolved.

It's not so much the mystery that convinces Perez to take the job. It's more that he will get to work very closely with a highly competent all-women special ops team.

And he will get to meet his old friend Thorfinn Wagner again.

Had he known what is about to hit the fan, he would have stayed home, stashed up on cheap whisky and drunk himself senseless in preparation for the end of the world.

Under a Winter Sun is the exciting sequel to Under a Dark Sky, and moves into more of a military SF pace, while still keeping the cyberpunk thriller elements and never straying far from the concepts of hard sci-fi.

Really, really good. Great pacing. A real page turner.
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Reviews for the
Worldburner Suite

I just can't wait for the sequel!
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Funny, fastpaced and exciting.
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Perez is Humphrey Bogart and Connor MacLeod all wrapped up in a sarcastic wrapping.
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Under a Dark Sky
Worldburner Book 1

A man who claims to be Christ reborn is executed and doesn't die.
A girl who knows way too much shows up out of nowhere.
A genocide that would make the god of the Old Testament curse his limited ambitions.

And that is just the beginning.

In the middle of this epic crapstorm stands world-weary security expert Asher Perez who only wants to enjoy his cheap whisky and even cheaper companions in peace.
Why can nothing ever be simple?

Under a Dark Sky is a hardboiled dystopian cyberpunk thriller, in the vein of Richard K. Morgan's Altered Carbon. Genetic engineering, all-powerful mega-corporations, hard-talking antiheroes and kickass women are the stuff of legends yet untold. They are also the backbone of the Worldburner universe.

Hard boiled and action packed
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Johan M. Dahlgren
About the author

Johan M. Dahlgren is a Swedish science fiction author. Over the years he has been an elite soldier, windsurfer, film maker, downhill skier, musician, artist and office slave.

His work has been compared to that of Richard K. Morgan's best selling Altered Carbon, Gavin G. Smith's Veteran novels and Neal Asher's Polity novels. Dahlgren's current project is the Worldburner Suite, a dystopian cyberpunk tech noir series of sci-fi thrillers.
Johan lives with his girlfriend, two kids and a cat in Kungsbacka, Sweden.

He is publish by Next Chapter.

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According to the interactive Literature Map Johan M. Dahlgren's novels are similar to the works of Hannu Rajaniemi, Ian Mcdonald, Richard K. Morgan, Neal Asher and Gavin G. Smith. All of those authors are in Johan's list of major influences, so this seems like a pretty accurate map.
If you enjoy any or all of these amazing authors, chances are you will enjoy Johan's novels too.

Latest news

The audio book of Under a Dark Sky is now available from Audible

The audio book edition of Under a Dark Sky has just been released on Audible!
It's narrated by the great JD Armstrong, and I am so very pleased with the results.
Head over to the US Audible store or the UK Audible store to purchase your copy.
You won't be disappointed :-)

Under a Dark Sky is on sale again! Yay!

For a limited time, Under a Dark Sky is available for $0.99 on the US and UK Amazon sites. Go get it!

Under a Winter Sun is on sale!

It is now time for Under a Winter Sun to go on sale on Amazon. Starting today (August 26) and ending on August 30, the novel is available in the US and UK Amazon stores for only $0.99.
If you bought Under a Dark Sky last month, this is a golden opportunity to read the continuation of the story at a very reasonable price.

Under a Dark Sky is $0.99 in the US and UK

For a limited time, Under a Dark Sky is available for $0.99 on the US and UK Amazon sites. This is a golden opportunity to get the first novel at a discount before picking up the sequel!