Under a Winter Sun A sci-fi novel by Johan M. Dahlgren

Perez is Humphrey Bogart and Connor MacLeod all wrapped up in a sarcastic wrapping.
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The cover of Under a Winter Sun
Under a Winter Sun

Genre: Science Fiction

Released: 2021-03-18

Formats: Paperback, hardback, e-book

Languages: English

Under a Winter Sun Worldburner Book 2

A Terran secret agent goes missing on the Goliath homeworld Nifelheim. Before he disappears, he manages to send out a message.

It simply reads "Project Jotun".

Nobody knows what it means, but all signs indicate the Goliaths are planning something. Something big. And they have help.

This scares the secretive immortal Terran overlords enough to request the aid of their old nemesis, Asher Perez, and propose a truce until the matter has been resolved.

It's not so much the mystery that convinces Perez to take the job. It's more that he will get to work very closely with a highly competent all-women special ops team.

And he will get to meet his old friend Thorfinn Wagner again.

Had he known what is about to hit the fan, he would have stayed home, stashed up on cheap whisky and drunk himself senseless in preparation for the end of the world.

Under a Winter Sun is the action packed sequel to Under a Dark Sky, and moves into more of a military science fiction pace, while still keeping the cyberpunk thriller elements and never straying far from the concepts of hard sci-fi.

With a new setting and some unforgettable new characters this is a must-read for every Dahlgren and sci-fi-fan.
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Fans of #AlteredCarbon? Get this Book!
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Really, really good. Great pacing. A real page turner.
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Reviews for Under a Winter Sun

At long last! HBO, this is your new series!
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Gritty, exciting and original.
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I loved part one of this series and was not dissapointed by this latest entry.
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A story in images

This is a storyboard of sorts for Under a Winter Sun. Or a trailer in still images if you will. These are science fiction images I've found online, that inspired me when I wrote the novel. I think they give a pretty good feeling as to the scope and general atmosphere of the novel.
If you want to see more inspirational images, you can check out my Pinterest-account, where I have collected images of the characters, locations, ships. weapons and other stuff from the novels.

All credit goes to the original artists.
Exciting stuff!
Now go buy the novel.

You can't Save the World Chapter 1 of Under a Winter Sun

A picture of Death

Every morning you wake up a day closer to your own death.

The cops on the ground should have stayed in bed.

They were shot in the back at close range from the looks of it. The Front laid an ambush for them, and they walked right into it. Wankers. Send local talent to do a grown-up's job, and this is what you get.

Ignoring the glassy-eyed stares of the corpses, I step over them and continue down the dimly lit tunnel. The big boys will be here any minute, and I need to be in position by then.

The gear I'm hauling slows me down, but you can never carry too much hardware, as Wagner used to say. Especially on a job like this. With the assault rifle in my hands, the pistol on my hip and the huge Lensfield sniper rifle on my back, I should have all eventualities covered.

Famous last words. It's a good thing I have a knife for contingencies.

A picture of a soldier

I spit on the dusty floor and trudge on.

You have to go deeper, Perez.

Aeryn's voice in my ear is a reassuring presence. Three levels down is the auditorium. According to Winger's source, that's where she is.

Everyone knows Aeryn Winger's sources are the best.

Yesterday morning, the Terrans agreed to the demands of the Revolutionary Utopian Front. That's as good as a death sentence for all involved. Everyone knows the government doesn't negotiate with terrorists. Not even when threatened with local nuclear holocaust.

This is the third incident featuring weapons of mass destruction in the last couple of months, and every time, the authorities have dealt with the situation in their own heavy-handed way. Terran special ops are competent but famously trigger-happy. They love to go in shooting, and more often than not, they get people killed. Including the hostage.

"Got it," I subvocalise. The bone induction microphone hurt like a bitch to instal, but Winger insisted. In hindsight, I've got to admit it was an excellent idea. This way I can communicate with Aeryn with no one able to eavesdrop. Knowing a hi-tech lowlife like Winger is not a disadvantage. Not that anyone's around to listen to our conversation, anyway. This place is quieter than a library on a Saturday night.

Reviews for Under a Winter Sun

Really, really good. Great pacing. A real page turner.
Random Guy on The Internet
Totally digging this Van Helsing meets James Bond intro for book 2. I think it sets the stage perfectly for what's coming.
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This book is so good! Be sure to get a copy!
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