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I very much enjoyed your characters, your story, and your writing.
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Under a Dark Sky is now a no.1 Amazon bestseller!

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The top 8 novels on Amazon's Teen & Young Adult Sci-Fi Mystery eBooks list, with Under a Dark Sky in number 1.
My novel Under a Dark Sky is doing pretty good on Amazon right now 😀 Too bad it's free... 💸 But great to see so much interest in the novel! Thanks a lot to my amazing publisher Next Chapter!

UAWS is on a list of "6 New Science Fiction Books You'll Enjoy [June 2022]"

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My second novel, Under a Winter Sun, has been featured on my publisher's list of new science fiction books to read, and I couldn't agree more with them. It's the perfect companion for those lazy days in the shade with a drink in your hand and some cookies on a nearby table. Buy it, and make it so!

The first chapter of Under a Demon Star is completed

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This weekend I was on my bi-yearly Writers' Retreat, which resulted in the first chapter of the final part of the Worldburner Suite drafted and ready!
Judging by the events down on paper so far, there will be a lot of personal traumas and collisions between the characters of the previous novels. Mixed in with the usual action scenes and gratuitous violence, of course.
I have an idea how this will all end, but I am as curious as the rest of you as to how much crap can hit the fan along the way.
I'll keep you posted on the progress!

The UAWS audio book is now available!

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 A lone astronaut standing on a desolate alien world, with a crashed spaceship in the background as the cover. The text Under a Winter Sun is written at the bottom, and Johan M. Dahlgren at the top.
Hot from the workshops at Audible, my second novel, Under a Winter Sun, has just been released as an audio novel!
Once again it's narrated by the amazing JD Armstrong. I'm very happy with the result.
Head over to the UK Audible store or the US Audible store to pick up your copy.
Keep a lookout for a chance to win free download codes in the near future!

Claim a FREE copy of Under a Dark Sky!

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An iPad displaying an image of the cover of the novel Under a Dark Sky.
Thanks to my benevolent publisher Next Chapter, my debut novel Under a Dark Sky is now available as a FREE download from Prolific Works.
Head over there, create an account and download the novel in your preferred format.

When Google outs you as a vampire...

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A screenshot of a Google search result, saying that Johan M. Dahlgren is 207 years old.
Fancy that! I don't look THAT old. Do I?
My most well kept secret has been outed to the world by a nosy AI algorithm. Damn you Google. Damn you to hell.

This reminds me of the storyline in some cut-rate sci-fi novel...

The five star reviews are pouring in!

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This one is for Under a Winter Sun.
Helluva good story. Should have been a trilogy I believe. As this would have made the story even more credible, and have more action and intensity. With a little more background information on individual characters. Nevertheless, a damn good story highly recommended.
Luckily for you, my dear reader, I have the story laid out for a final book, making it a trilogy!

Another five star review for Under a Dark Sky!

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I just got another five star review for Under a Dark Sky!
I loved this book, set on the rebel planet of Elysium, where it seems nothing and nobody is quite what they appear to be. Asher Perez is what we may describe as the hero of this futuristic tale though even he may not be all we believe him to be. The story is brilliantly told in a way that leaves the reader constantly guessing who is on the side of good as opposed to evil. If you can't trust an archbishop, just who can you trust? There's plenty of action and the world created by the author is well described and perfectly believable. I will certainly be reading more of Mr Dahlgren's work. I wholeheartedly recommend Under a Dark Sky, and easily give it 5 stars.
Thank you so much, dear reader!

No more Kindle exclusive deal for my novels!

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My publisher has decided that their catalogue will no longer be an Amazon exclusive. This is great news for all you readers out there who live in another eco system. Both my novels will shortly be available from all major vendors of electronic novels, so if you're using Google Play Books, Apple Books, B&N, Kobo and others, you will soon be able to read them on your platform of choice. Yay!
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