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Johan M. Dahlgren

Not my usual genre of fiction but I got to say I'm extremely impressed with Dahlgren's writing and looking forward to a sequel.
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Under a Dark Sky
Worldburner - Book 1

A man who claims to be Christ reborn is executed and doesn't die.
A girl who knows way too much shows up out of nowhere.
A genocide that would make the god of the Old Testament curse his limited ambitions.

And that is just the beginning.

In the middle of this epic crapstorm stands world-weary security expert Asher Perez who only wants to enjoy his cheap whisky and even cheaper companions in peace.
Why can nothing ever be simple?

Like I said, a cut above. It reminds me a lot of Richard K Morgan's stuff.
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Under a Winter Sun
Worldburner - Book 2

A Terran secret agent goes missing on the Goliath homeworld Nifelheim. Before he disappears, he manages to send out a message.

It simply reads "Project Jotun".

Nobody knows what it means, but all signs indicate the Goliaths are planning something. Something big. And they have help.

This scares the secretive immortal Terran overlords enough to request the aid of their old nemesis, Asher Perez, and propose a truce until the matter has been resolved.

It's not so much the mystery that convinces Perez to take the job. It's more that he will get to work very closely with a highly competent all-women special ops team.

And he will get to meet his old friend Thorfinn Wagner again.

Had he known what is about to hit the fan, he would have stayed home, stashed up on cheap whisky and drunk himself senseless in preparation for the end of the world.

I loved part one of this series and was not dissapointed by this latest entry.
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Keep This Up and There Will Be Blood
A deleted chapter from Under a Dark Sky

This is a chapter from Under a Dark Sky that got left on the writing room floor after my editor went through the manuscript with his big scissors. It did not contribute anything to the story, but I still think it's halfway decent, and it features a pretty interesting character (any relations to another fictional character are entirely intentional) and I had a lot of fun writing it.


Spoilers ahead!