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Download a free sample of my novel!

Posted on Curious about my novel Under a Dark Sky but not sure you want to spend your hard earned $4.99 on it? I would be too.
I mean, that's the price of half a good beer. And half a beer is half a beer.

So why not read the first chapter ABSOLUTELY FREE to see if you like it?
If you then decide to buy it and regret it, I promise to buy you the other half of that beer.

New edition of Under a Dark Sky, out now!

Posted on There is a new edition of Under a Dark Sky available to download from your favourite ebook retailer!
I found some minor errors in the ePub-file (bad quotes and apostrophes) and I added a table of contents, copyright info and some author and contact info. And I've made all links in the eBook clickable (this is the future, after all).
Nothing major that detracts from your reading experience, but if you want the latest and greatest, you can download a new version.
Just visit the online store where you bought the novel and download it again and you should be set to go.
It's free!

If you haven't bought it yet, now's your chance!

And THERE I'm in the top 100...

Posted on ... 000!
Under a Dark Sky just reached position 81,987 on Amazon's best seller list. Thank you so much to all of you who buy my novel!
Does this mean I can write "Amazon best selling novel" on the cover? I mean, it IS in the top 10% of all eBooks on Amazon. That has got to count for something.

I dropped 100K places on Amazon's best seller list over night!

Posted on Wahay, I just dropped over 100.000 places on the amazon best seller list! From 169.000 to 276.000 over night.
It's tough at the bottom.
Please help me get back into the 100.000's! I only need to sell one or two copies to come back into the lime light:-)

Updated the cover

Posted on I updated the cover of Under a Dark Sky, because the previous one had a placeholder image which I graciously stole from the Internet. The new one has an image which is bought and paid for, so this is the wonderful, new, official cover of Under a Dark Sky!
In a day or two the new cover should have updated on the online bookstores as well, so if you bought the old version you can either keep that as a special edition (might become valuable if I don't get sued by the creator of the image), or re-download the book to get the new official cover.

Under a Dark Sky is now available to buy online!

Posted on I just published my novel on Smashwords!
Head over there to read all about it and read the first 20% for free. It's available in all the major eBook formats, so you should be able to find a version that works on your reader of choice.

Smashwords is a publishing service that not only sells your eBook, but they also distribute it to most of the major eBook retailers world wide. Withing 12 hours it should be available on Amazon and in about a week you should see Under a Dark Sky available on all the major eBook sites.
Please help me spread the word!

PS: The first one who buys a copy gets a free beer :-)

UPDATE: Under a Dark Sky is now available to purchase on Amazon as well.

New site design (again)

Posted on Between waiting for response from an agent or a publisher and writing the sequel to Under a Dark Sky, I've taken some time to redesign the website again. I hope you like it!

An agent response!

Posted on Many weeks ago I sent the manuscript for Under a Dark Sky to a bunch of publishers and literary agents, and I just received a reply from an agent.
...I enjoyed what I read and thought it had some obvious strengths. Unfortunately, however, we have decided that it's not quite what we're looking for at the moment... — Zeno Agency

Not the worst of reviews! There is still hope.

Working on the book trailer for Under a Winter Sun

Posted on While I'm waiting to hear from a publisher or an agent, I'm taking a break from writing Under a Winter Sun, the sequel to Under a Dark Sky, to create another animated trailer. This time I'm going to do multiple cuts and my aim is to go for something more Hollywoodesque than the trailer for Under a Dark Sky.
We'll see where it ends up.

I've sent the manuscript to some agents

Posted on I just sent the manuscript for Under a Dark Sky to five different agents and one more publisher.
Keep your fingers crossed that someone likes it!
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