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With a new setting and some unforgettable new characters this is a must-read for every Dahlgren and sci-fi-fan.
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The Dutch translation of Under a Dark Sky is now live!

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Thanks to my amazing publisher Next Chapter, the Dutch translation of my neo noir sci-fi action thriller Under a Dark Sky is now available from Amazon and other well stocked online retailers! View it here

I have finished editing Under a Winter Sun!

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I just completed the second edit of my new novel Under a Winter Sun. Now it's time for a read through from start to finish to see if I can spot any inconsistencies.
If anyone is interested in proof reading it, please let me know!
Also, it's time to start working on the new cover.

Dutch translation in the works

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Great news for my Dutch readers!
I just learned from my publisher that a Dutch translation of Under a Dark Sky is in the final stages of production. I've sent them a Dutch version of the cover to add to the e-book, so prepare yourselves for imminent release.
For all the non-Dutch speaking people out there: This is the perfect opportunity to learn a foreign language while reading a very exciting novel.

Get my novel for free!

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Once again my novel Under a Dark Sky is available for free! Hurry up and download it. If you don't like it, you haven't lost anything. If you do like it, please feel free to add a short review on Amazon or Goodreads!

Download a free preview of Under a Dark Sky

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A free preview of Under a Dark Sky is now available to download from ProlificWorks!
Just visit this link to claim your own copy. If you enjoy what you read, there are links to buy the full novel at the end of the preview.

The preview is available in Epub, Mobi and PDF formats.

Under a Dark Sky Free Download!

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It's that time of year again to be merry!
From December 30 to January 1, my novel Under a Dark Sky will be FREE to download from Amazon!
If you haven't read it yet, now is your chance!
All I want for Christmas is that you leave a review, good or bad.
Preferably good.

Smashwords interview

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I just rediscovered an old interview I did for Smashwords many moons ago. If you haven't read it yet, you should check it out.

Classy literary neighbours

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According to the Literature Map, I have some very nice neighbours. I think I'll invite them over for barbecue and beers. I bet they'd like that.

Today's One Star Review

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This review is for the print version of Under a Dark Sky.
This novel has an interesting premise and several good plot twists, but the good parts drown in a sea of macho action that's so exaggerated and twisted it takes focus away from the story. [...]
What's really sad is that the world described is fascinating and could have been a shining pearl, as real world problems occasionally flash by, but it all drowns in a scenario normally only seen in old video games, like Duke Nukem.
- Random Guy on the Internet
That's a perfect description of my intention with the novel. If that's a bad review, I don't need good ones!

Mission accomplished!

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I can now retire, satisfied my writerly life has peaked. I can not top the current ranking for Under a Dark Sky.
Ranked at place 666 on Amazon
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