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Back from another writers' retreat

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I got my first 1 star review on Amazon!

Posted on Yay, I finally got my first 1 star review on Amazon!

If I can't get into a story by the first 10% it's over. In this books case there simply isn't any story to get into,,, or it's so poorly told the reader has to guess what it might be.

Read the review in full on Amazon
The cover of Under a Dark Sky

FREE Next Chapter giveaway of the day!

Posted on Oh look!
Under a Dark Sky is today's free giveaway on Amazon.
This is your one time chance to learn for free what goes on in my mind. I'm not guaranteeing you will like the novel, but I think it's pretty decent.
But then, I would say that, wouldn't I...
Go get your copy now!
Did I mention it's FREE?

Name day

Posted on Today is the (Swedish) name day of one of the new characters in Under a Winter Sun, the upcoming sequel to Under a Dark Sky :-)

I've been interviewed by Type & Tell

Posted on Type & Tell is the self publishing tool I use to print physical copies of my book. (All e-books are handled by my publisher, Next Chapter).
To celebrate their first year in business, Type & Tell interviewed a number of their users, myself included.

Type & Tell is a great self publishing service and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who's thinking abut publishing a book of their own.
Great customer support and the finished novels look and feel amazing.

Book sale!

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Autumn Writers' Retreat

Posted on I just got back from another writers' retreat. Between a lot of good food and drink I got some good editing done on Under a Winter Sun, and even managed to write a new chapter. I'm now about 2/5 into writing the first draft, so you'll have to wait a while yet to read the finished novel, but check back often for news and updates!

My author page is now live

Posted on My publisher Next Chapter just told me my author page on their website is now live.
Please go check it out and share it with the world!

Check out their other authors while you're there. They obviously have very good taste in the authors they sign :-)
Cover of Under a Sark Sky

Under a Dark Sky got its first review on Amazon

Posted on The reviews are starting to come in. The average is currently 4 out of 5. Looking good so far!

Back on Amazon!

Posted on My novel Under a Dark Sky is now live on Amazon through my publisher, Next Chapter. Why not pick up a few copies? It's a perfect Christmas gift!

If you've read the novel, I would really appreciate a few stars and a word or two, good or bad, in a review on Amazon :-)
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